The major highway construction project through Waterbury has been the bane of mine and countless other drivers existence for too many years to count. Finally we have a great update about the project.

All of us have to deal with road construction delays. It's just a way of life in regards to the infra-structure system in our country. But as my daily commute takes me through the widening  project of I84 in Waterbury I have cursed, violently, and been brought to tears over endless delays and massive back-ups. So this update makes me joyous.

As the massive project continues, this major announcement was just posted on the site

Starting at 9:30 p.m., Sunday, May 13th, I-84 westbound will move into its new configuration, which runs parallel to the eastbound lanes and under the new Harpers Ferry Road bridge.

The change affects a section of I-84 west of the Scott Road bridge to the new bridge over the Mad River’s western crossing.

The lane shift eliminates the S-curve near Harpers Ferry Road and straightens the highway.

The eastbound lanes have already been moved to their new alignment.
Once the shift is in place, the state Department of Transportation’s contractor, I-84 Constructors, will able to finish demolishing three bridges, and continue construction of Plank Road East, Harpers Ferry Road and the new Exit 25 westbound on-ramp.

If Sunday Night's weather is not favorable, the work will be postponed until Monday night.

I've got my fingers crossed for a much more peaceful drive moving forward and I know I'm not alone in that.

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