According to the NY Post Asteroid 2010 WC9 is headed for Earth at 28,655 miles per hour. The report says it will whizz past the planet "closer than the distance of the moon." This will all happen right around 6:05 PM EST. They this asteroid will miss us, so no amazing and devastating Earth collision for you. If you want to watch a live stream you can check it out on the Facebook page of the Northolt Branch Observatories.

What Planet Earth needs right now is a unifying fear. Everyone on this planet is part of groups that hate other groups. Then you have smaller groups within those groups that hate other factions of the larger group that you all belong to.

These groups hate each other because they fear the other groups ideas about life. People form these groups so they feel some sense of security from the groups they don't know. So a planetary fear is overdue. We all need something to look up at and agree on. I'm hoping it will be a space ship but beggars can't be choosers. If it must be an asteroid then let's get going.

If NASA or the government told us "Hey, there is a space ship coming this way and the things inside wanna fight" we would see an instantaneous change in our thinking. All of the sudden our very petty differences would dissolve and we could unify as humans in our fear for something bigger. Let's be afraid together.


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