Add another Connecticut town to the growing list of spots for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Medical marijuana, it's time has certainly come. The benefits of it for thousands of people, with a myriad of ailments, has proven to be extremely helpful. At this point in Connecticut there are nine Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facilities locations around the state and you can connect to them through the information found at 

The current closest location to our part of the state is Compassionate Care Center of Connecticut located in Bethel. There is now talk of the real possibility of a location opening in Brookfield. In a story from the zoning commission of Brookfield is setting new rules to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries that would look to open up in town.

According to the article the commission collectively approved a rule that would limit any facilities to open only in the industrial district, as well as, letting them sell medical marijuana only to those with a prescription. That would remain the case even if state law changes.

Brookfield previously had a moratorium in place on medical pot facilities, but that has since expired. As of now there have been no proposals made for a dispensary in town, but officials say they will be prepared if that happens.

Erik Kukk, chairman of the Zoning Commission was quoted in 

We wanted to make sure — because there are not that many licenses that go out in the state of Connecticut — that we were not limiting completely out of Brookfield any dispensary. We wanted to have a regulation that says we allow it, but we decide in what zone it should be in

As more and more licenses are issued in Connecticut, I think it behooves every municipality to be prepared.

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