Danbury, CT is headed towards a decision on November 2, 2021 that will change the leadership voice in the Hat City for the first time in 20 years. Who will city residents choose, Roberto Alves or Dean Esposito?

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As we ponder the question and await an answer, we want to gather as much information from the two candidates as possible. I am proud resident of Danbury, I believe it's my responsibility to help voters get a sense of their options. So, Dean and Roberto will join the Ethan and Lou Show each week and discuss the issues facing Danbury and provide us with a sense of their personality.

The first interview of this series with Democratic candidate Roberto Alves was this morning (9/24/21) and we wanted to get a baseline of what he believes the issues are, Alves responded:

"I think what you'll hear over and over is education. You've seen pictures on social media of crowded hallways, you hear everyday about school overcrowding. Our kids couldn't go back to school full-time last year during COVID because we didn't have the space to be able to safely, obviously COVID was a unique scenario and we recognize that.

But, all over the state, there were kids that were there 5 days a week because they had enough space, Danbury just doesn't have enough space, and this isn't a new problem, this isn't a problem for this year for COVID, this is something that has been going on in Danbury for years.

With that, education is also, you know infrastructure issues, we talk about flooding on local roads. Whenever it rains like this, we know the roads we have to avoid because we just haven't had the vision or, the willingness to address and talk about certain areas and now, it's funny how this year, one of the ones we've been bringing up has already come up. It's an area that the city is looking to address, but it's great we talk about issues and hopefully it gets done no matter what happens."

You can hear our entire interview with Roberto Alves in the video player at the top of the page.

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