Deion Sanders was one of my favorite football players growing up, he transcended the sports of football and baseball, his ideas are transcendent as well. Recently Deion posted a message on Twitter to men everywhere, this message is long overdue.

While I wholeheartedly agree with Deion, we need to deepen the conversation. We have so many problems in public restrooms as men that need to be handled and in a hurry. Dudes need to stop striking up conversations at the urinals, we gotta keep the toilet paper in the bowl/garbage cans and off the floor. We need to stop writing "Frank was here" on the stalls, drawing penis after penis and etching "call Mary for a good time."

I cannot stress this enough, I don't care how much alcohol you've had, the urinal is no place for small talk. Don't tell me the water is cold, ask me how my day is going, don't shout to your pal in the stall whose wearing a Boston Bruins jersey. When my privates are out of my pants, your privates are out of your pants and oh so many ding-dongs are swangin' free, it's no time to talk about anything. You lock your eyes on that wall, finish your business, wash your hands, dry them, get the paper towel in the garbage and keep it movin'.

It's beyond time for restroom reform and here is why, a public restroom is for emergency stops only in my opinion. If I am in one, I am in a dire situation that needs attention right now. There is nothing fun or funny about this trip, we are all in this together, let's act accordingly.

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