Members of both the Danbury Fire Department and the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department responded to an extremely intense situation in Brookfield late Friday night / early Saturday morning.

According to a social media post from the Danbury FD, their assistance was requested by the Brookfield VFD at 1:21 AM Saturday (February 10) at the scene of a nasty car crash on Route 7 northbound.

The report says that two cars collided, causing both vehicles to flip. A total of six people suffered injuries, but they have not been identified at this time.

The DFD's Car 30, Engine 24, Squad 1, and Danbury EMS and Ambulances all did their part in assisting the first responders from Brookfield in removing the victims from the cars and getting them all to Danbury Hospital within twenty minutes.

While exactly how the accident happened is unclear, and the extent of the injuries suffered hasn't been announced, this is an amazing display of teamwork, and a job well done from all of our local area's first responders.

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