I do the same thing every year and it pisses my wife off.

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About a month before Halloween, she runs a few costume ideas by me and I say whatever, she picks one, makes me approve it and I say, yeah sure that works. Then Halloween comes and I don't want to wear whatever we chose to be our costume, I whine like a child and she is stuck picking a new costume for her or wearing one half of a couples costume alone. Don't be like me, pick a costume now and you can do it with a little help from my friends.

Danbury Area Folks Share Their Terrifying + Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

We asked the Ethan and Lou Radio Show listeners (I-95) to send us a photo of their favorite Halloween costume of all-time and they sent the following submissions using the I-95 Rock Mobile App, which happens to be free to download at Google Play or the App Store. 

Seriously, there are no original ideas, just good ideas that have been stolen and improved upon. Steal a costume from one of the above photos and have a Halloween that will no doubt be better than mine.

P.S. I know it's a month away but a lot of people start planning even sooner than that, so climb out of my rear end.

Exploring Beyond the Rusty Gates of Danbury's Oldest Cemetery on Wooster Street

I live just down the block from the Wooster Street Cemetery and whenever I pass, I am always struck at how odd it is. You have this quiet, beautiful place that is dedicated to the people who were buried there, in the middle of a busy city and almost no one ever goes there. I decided to go take a deeper look around and see what was beyond the iron gates and stone walls. 

Nuclear Lake in Pawling, NY Has an Explosive History

Nuclear Lake is not just a clever name, it's a literal one. Tucked away in the woods of Pawling, NY, once sat a secret research facility. On the shores of the 55 acre body of water, were labs conducting experiments, using uranium and plutonium. The Lake can be accessed by anyone walking the Appalachian Trail in Dutchess County, but should it?

Inside the Premier Party for the Danbury Trashers Netflix Documentary

My name is Lou Milano, I am the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95. Recently, I attended the local premier of the Netflix film "Untold: Crime & Penalties" about the Danbury Trashers. The Trashers were a United Hockey League team that were around for a short time in the 2000' s in Western, CT but the team and ownership left a lasting impact.

The premier was open to the public and would take place inside the building where the Trashers played hockey, the Danbury Ice Arena. I decided to watch the movie at my house before going to the event. I wanted to use the time at the arena to interview the people in the film, and give an inside look into the night. This was my night out, with the cast of the film and the Trashers. 

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