There's just something about a dark foreboding abandoned psychiatric hospital that can leave you mortified.

Why, all of a sudden, would a neighborhood be left abandoned void of all human life with furniture, household items, groceries, and clothing all left behind? Why would an abandoned psychiatric hospital still be filled with left-over patient charts, hospital beds, and electro-shock therapy equipment in rooms and hallways? Only the ones who came before might have the answers. Let's try and find out.

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    Elmcrest Psychiatric Hospital - Portland, CT

    Elmcrest opened in 1942 and specialized in treating youths with mental disabilities. In 1998, an 11-year-old boy died while being restrained by an employee.

    According to High View Productions, who were given permission to film a professional video at they came across many rather creepy scenarios like padded rooms with large bolted padlocks and some homeless people who made it crystal clear they didn't appreciate being disturbed.

    Currently, property developer, Dan Bertram has gotten the go-ahead to build a new complex consisting of residential apartments and commercial buildings. Would you consider renting an apartment where a psychiatric hospital once stood? Let's take a look at the High View Productions' video.

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    Norwich State Hospital for the Insane - Preston, CT

    The Norwich State Hospital in Preston CT opened its doors to the mentally ill and those found guilty of crimes by insanity in 1904 and closed down in 1996.

    Through the years, stories have been told that the hospital is haunted by the ones who died during their in-patient stay. According to, the first patient hanged himself in 1914. Many patients died during their sentences or while undergoing treatment.

    According to, Salmon Hall was the maximum-security portion of the hospital where most of the dangerous criminally insane patients were housed and where the most paranormal activity took place.

    The Norwich State Hospital was featured in the TV series, Life After People on the History Channel. The SYFI channel's Ghost Hunter's investigative team also featured the hospital in May of 2010.


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    The Sunrise Resort - East Haddam, CT

    According to the Middletown Press, the Sunrise Resort was often called, the Catskills of Connecticut. In its prime, this 144-acre resort would be host to 500 vacationers at a time.

    Before DEEP demolished 80 of the resort's buildings in 2013, chairs, beds, cups, and ping pong tables were left exactly where they were placed when the property was closed down in 2008.

    According to, a 2008 photoshoot showed smashed windows, copper wiring ripped from the walls and a humongous inground pool that had been drained and was now filled with all kinds of debris. At the time, it was considered a state park so anyone was able to visit the grounds. The website labeled it 'an apocalyptic ghost town.  

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    Abandoned Neighborhood - Southbury, CT

    The lawns had been mowed and the roads were nicely maintained but not one person could be found. According to an article on the Kicks 105.5 website, not too many of the area's population even knew this creepy neighborhood even existed.

    As it turns out, the neighborhood is on the grounds of the Southbury Training School that was maintained by the State of Connecticut. The property was inhabited by staff and some residents until the school was forced to make some major cutbacks. The small neighborhood was transformed nearly overnight into a deserted shell of what it once was.

    After it was turned into a ghost town, the vandals made their move, ripping off the aluminum siding to sell for scrap metal. Windows were shattered and the once well-kept landscaping became grossly overgrown.


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    The Seaside Sanitorium - Waterford, CT

    Opened in the 1930s, this historic medical facility was the first institution opened for the heliotropic treatment of children suffering from tuberculosis.

    In 1958, it was used for geriatric care and then three years later it was turned into a hospital for the mentally ill. According to, the 70s were not kind to the Seaside because some staff members were accused of violently abusing the patients.

    The facility was closed down and shuttered up in 1996. A paranormal investigation company toured the facility in 2007 hoping to find evidence of Seaside's tragic past but were only able to discover a couple of electronic voice phenomena and a few spirit orb photos. The following video will freak you out.

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