The headline on reads, "The Best Place to Scare the Crap Out of Yourself in Every State"

Could I have the envelope, please? The scariest place in the State of Connecticut as awarded by the travel, entertainment, food, and shopping website, is Connecticut's oldest inn, the Curtis House in Woodbury.

Asian zombie man and woman in the room

The Curtis House was built in 1735 by Anthony Stoddard and was first opened in 1754. Take note that the Curtis House was sold in May of 2019 and has been renamed 'The Evergreen Inn and Tavern.' The name change doesn't negate the fact that this classic Connecticut Inn can scare the living bejesus out of you.

The Inn was once featured on celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey's reality show, 'Hotel Hell' back in 2014. Ramsey insisted on bringing in a paranormal investigator to confirm if the legendary hauntings were true.

Ramsey claimed that he had difficulty leaving his room during his five-day stay and wanted to chalk it up to faulty hardware but the local townsfolk and past guests at the Inn were convinced that the joint's haunted.

Fear Night

Over the last 265 years, there have been stories about disembodied voices, footsteps on the stairs in the middle of the night which are believed to be those of former owners, guests, and Inn employees who have passed over. During Ramsey's stay, former owner T.J Brennan had this to say,

This inn is haunted. I would walk by a table and two minutes later a plate would fly off that table. I went to light the fireplace and it blew up on me and I got burned. There are spirits here.

Do you think it's all just a collection of ghost stories being told around various campfires for the last 200-years? Find out for yourself and book a room at the Curtis House which is now the Evergreen Inn and Tavern. Go ahead, I dare ya.

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