Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Thursday (9/17/20). We asked the Mayor what the city guidelines will be for a COVID-19 Halloween in 2020. Here is what the Mayor had to say:

"I don't think cancelling is going to be an option, I don't think you can enforce that anyways. What do I do? Send the cops running around going after little trick or treaters? I think what we can do, is put out guidance for the residents to say and for the trick or treaters and hopefully they'll cooperate and say if somebody's light is off, they don't want anybody at their front door."

He also made a comment about people who don't want to be involved. "Don't egg their house, don't do anything like that, just move onto the next house. I thought it was good for the kids to be outdoors doing the trick or treating, and then people pointed out and said 'well, it's not about the kids, it's about, ya know, you are at your house and all these people, you don't know where they have been are coming up to your front door and your handing out candy'. I'm like, you're right, it's more about the people that are giving out the candies, so, I think individuals will have to make their own decision, what they want to do."

"There was that guy, I don't know if you caught it but I tweeted out, yesterday. He built a big pipe, you know a cardboard pipe from the second floor, all wrapped in Halloween paper and you slide the candy down the pipe." This was the tweet he is referring to:

This right here, is a problem solver. Let's all build candy chutes. It'll make things more fun. Mayor Mark finished the conversation by saying, "I don't know what people are going to do, but I know if you try and control this, you are just asking for trouble, except to put out some direction to people and say hey, if the light is off, go onto the next house."

I think that is the right move, they can't enforce a ban on Halloween, at least not in an efficient manner. There should be at least some guidance which it sounds like the city will provide and we all have an interesting Halloween that hopefully doesn't look the "The Purge."

Check out the entire Halloween segment below with Mayor Mark who admits he once denied an old lady candy.

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