My wife is a self-proclaimed Facebook addict and my brother just heaved his cell phone across the room.

After listening to a phone conversation between my wife Mindy and her brother Steven, I felt it my duty to pass along this social media warning. I like my brother-in-law, Steven, even though he has no filter when he speaks, and he speaks a lot. He's a talker and he talks all the time to anyone who will listen.

Yes, Steven is on Facebook, or should I say he was on Facebook. During that phone conversation, he was telling Mindy about how he lost his temper after reading a couple of FB posts from a friend of his. He didn't reveal what the posts were about but all of a sudden he told Mindy that he screamed a line of obscenities and threw his phone across the room.

My Son, Ethan and Brother-in-Law, Steven
My Son, Ethan and  Brother-in-Law, Steven the Ex FB User

After reflecting on what just happened, he remembered that similar feelings popped up when reading various FB posts from his grown children. After thinking about it some more, he wondered if this was a personal issue or if it might be a Facebook issue, or maybe just a little bit of both. After thinking it over he felt it was in his best interests to delete his Facebook account altogether and you know what? He explained to Mindy how liberated and free he felt with FB gone from his life.

Personally, I'm at peace with FB. People that piss me off, I unfollow. Topics that annoy or depress me, I get rid of. I enjoy sharing my never-ending photos of Candlewood Lake and my grandchildren, Bradley and Winter with friends and family members. I believe that Facebook is what YOU make of it. But from time to time I do wonder what else I could be doing instead of sharing my world.

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