You will remember Billy Gardell as Mike from TV's Mike & Molly. Billy starred across from Melissa McCarthy on the CBS sitcom for six seasons. The show was a hit, the man is a great stand up comedian, and he also has a fortune telling future.

Billy joined us some years back on the Ethan and Lou Show. During our interview, Ethan went off on a tangent about my lifestyle at the time. There may or may not have been some partying and poor judgement on my part during that time. Billy said, "give it a few years, enjoy that Jägermeister now. Before you know it, it will be black socks and sandals, you won't even care."

Man, was he right. I caught myself just the the other day doing dishes, wearing dress socks and house slippers while singing for my daughter. I intend on reminding Billy of this prediction tomorrow and how it came true.

Don't miss comedian Billy Gardell tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show at 8:15. Get your tickets now for his show at the Ridgefield Playhouse for Saturday, February 17th.

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