November 1st, you can join clairvoyant Nicholas Robert Grossman and empath Peter Cerow for "An Evening of Supernatural Possession." The two men will host the event taking place Norwalk’s Cafe Madrid, hosted by Comedian Johnny Rizzo with doors opening at 6 pm.

The event will cost $55 and you can get your tickets here. The two men claim to have five possessed dolls that you can meet and even hold, "if you dare." "Ghost Storm" and P.A.S.T.S. are the two paranormal organizations joining forces on to stage the event.

The event takes it a step further with a shrunken head. The story behind the head is this, Comedian Johnny Rizzo's Uncle was an explorer in the Amazon jungle, who was murdered by a tribe of headhunters, the headhunters shrunk his Uncle's head and somehow the head made it's way back to the states and in the hands of Johnny Rizzo (shrunken head man's nephew). I'll come back to this because I've known Johnny for many years.

We had Nicholas Robert Grossman and Peter Cerow on the show yesterday (10/29/19) and the guys were very interesting. We mainly focused on their extensive Dudleytown investigations but they have done much more.

The event should be interesting for sure, it is not for me because I don't want to be possessed and I've seen way too many movies for anyone to tell me a ghost/demon can't jump ship from a doll to a human.

Onto Johnny's shrunken head. I know Johnny, I love Johnny because he is nuts in the best possible ways. Johnny is an electric Stand-up comedian whose been making people laugh all over Connecticut for decades. I am a Johnny fan, I've seen him do some fearless and wreck less things on stage, when you go to a Rizzo show, you will remember it.

However, this shrunken head, I don't know, this is one of the most fantastical stories I've ever been told and he's told me many times. I've seen the head from afar, in a comedy club (he brings it places). I've refused his offers to get up close to it, for the same reason I don't want to hold a possessed doll, if what Johnny says is true, I don't want to be that close to it.

I'm not the person to ask about this event because while I find paranormal topics fascinating, that is where my limit is, talking about these things. You won't find me wearing a head lamp visiting haunted places, you won't catch me holding a possessed doll or playing shrunken head catch with Johnny Rizzo.

As you can see, I'm just too scared to get involved with this. If you are not scared this sounds like it could be an exhilarating way to celebrate Halloween this year. Boo.

P.S. Johnny Rizzo is also an accomplished artist, his paintings are really quite good.

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