Dudleytown is in Cornwall, CT, and is an infamous hot spot for paranormal activity.

Ethan and Lou Show listeners know we have been searching for answers on Dudleytown going all the way back to 2013.

While our investigation raised intriguing questions, we hit many road blocks, mostly from Cornwall town officials and the mysterious land ownership group known as the "Dark Entry Forest Association." We thought it was time to revisit the subject and wanted a fresh perspective.

From there, we had some contact with a man named Nicholas Robert Grossmann, a clairvoyant who claimed to have information we might want. So, we reached out to Nicholas and his business partner Peter Cerow. Since the two said they have toured the site many times, we wanted to hear about their experiences, see if they believe it is haunted and ask if they have been stonewalled the way I have. 

Not only do they say they have had the opportunity to visit some property in Dudleytown, but that they believe that the mysterious Connecticut focus of folklore is in fact some sort of portal to the spirit world. They also dove heavily into some of the real-life experiences they've had while visiting the area. It's incredibly intriguing stuff and here's what they had to say:

The guys have some wild stories, and as always, I am most intrigued with the intense effort to keep investigators out of Dudleytown. It has been my experience that folks in Cornwall will go to almost any length to keep people away that have questions.

Learn more about Nicholas, Peter, the Ghost Storm and their "Night of Supernatural Possession" on their website.

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