New York City Police police are searching for a man who attacked his Lyft driver.

According to NBC 4, The attack took place Thursday (May 23) in Queens and was caught on dash cam by the driver. The video shows a man and a woman in the back seat. The man, visibly agitated, begins punching the driver from the backseat. The driver pulls over, tells the man to get out, he does and the attack continues through the window.

I know all about the side hustle. I've been side hustling my whole life, but if your "hustle" puts you at risk of rabbit punches, is it worth it?

I say it's not worth it -- not at all. I would have shut this ride down as soon as the man's shirt was half off his body for no reason. Whenever a grown man has his shirt half off and seems to be groaning in agony, you are looking at the tip of the iceberg. It's almost always all down hill from that point on.

I gave you a ride in my personal car and you beat me viciously about the head, neck and chest? Not cool, dude.

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