We read about My Model Maid back in October of 2016. The company offers female models in costume to clean your house for just $70 per hour. They have now even added two male models to their roster.

This morning, we read in the News Times that Owner, Josh Dailey, wants to now grow the company around the country, and thinks the hit TV show Shark Tank will be just the place. Dailey is headed to Dallas tomorrow to make his pitch to the shows producers.

Listen, I am all for half-naked ladies cleaning my house on the surface, but there are some problems with the concept. The first being that you're only allowed to look, which is fine, but it's awkward. Most people probably sit in their living room, pretending to watch TV and stealing looks. What happens, though, when they move to another room? I mean, you want to get the best bang for your buck -- pun intended. Do you follow them into the dining room, the bathroom, your bedroom? No way, that is way too weird. So, now you only get to steal a handful of looks.

Then, you have their rules -- there are no photos or videos whatsoever. If you try, the service is terminated with no refund. They also make it clear on the site that it is, in no way, an escort or massage service. That, again, is fine, but it just does not seem worth it.

Basically, what you are paying for is too feel extra creepy and awkward in your house for an hour. By the time it would be over, I would feel bad for the model, and feel bad about myself. I can feel uncomfortable and lesser than for free, so I will pass on this service.

It sounds great and all but I don't need the aggravation.

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