Getting to share the Ethan and Lou Show with one of our comic idols is just one of the many reasons this job I have is amazing fun. This morning, it was our pleasure to talk to one of them.

Comedian Brian Regan checked in with us to promote his new TV show Loudermilk and his upcoming appearance at Carnegie Hall. 

Big thanks to Brian for taking a few minutes out of his schedule to join us on the Ethan and Lou show. Even bigger thanks to Brian for laughing at my jokes. That kind of thing will get me through the next five bad things that happen to me. Car broke down? That's fine, Regan thinks I am funny. Oh, my account is overdrawn? Cool news, did you hear Brian Regan laughs at my jokes? Yeah, it's true, I'm kind of a big deal.

Make sure you check out Brian Regan in the new Peter Farrelly TV show Loudermilk.

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