Danbury City Councilman, Roberto Alves, will run for the office of Mayor of Danbury, CT in 2021. Alves made the official announcement on the Ethan and Lou morning Thursday (1/7/20).

In a press release sent to I-95 before it was issued to any other media outlet (get used to it, I'll be reminding you of that over and over) Alves had this to say of his decision:

"Like many communities, Danbury is at a turning point. We face important challenges that will affect the future of our small businesses, our kids and families, our neighbors. We're in the midst of a crisis. With massive job loss, a looming housing crisis, small businesses closing and our healthcare system is once again on the verge of being overwhelmed. Too many Danbury families have suffered because leaders at all levels - from Washington down to the City-level - have failed us. We need a leader who can take on our most critical challenges and I'm ready to build Danbury back better, to be more equitable for all." 

Roberto became a citizen in 2017 and ran for city council the same year, he lost, but ran again in 2019 and was elected. Alves, a graduate of Danbury High School and in addition to his City-Council work, is an employee of Cartus.

Now with the field wide open, Alves throws his Democratic hat in the ring at thirty seven years of age. He's the first candidate to officially announce that he will seek the Mayors office in either party in Danbury.

The move comes after the City's Mayor of nearly 20 years, Mark Boughton announced he would leave office and take a position as the Tax Commissioner for the State of CT in December.

The City Charter dictates that the President of the City Council takes over when a Mayor leaves in the middle of their term. That man is Joe Cavo, who rose to the occasion and accepted the challenge.

Cavo has made no guarantees that he will seek re-election when he finishes out Boughton's term. He had this to say to the Ethan and Lou Show in December:

"My thoughts, in these last couple weeks for me have just been focused primarily on government function and what are we doing, how are we doing it and how can we do it better? That's where my focus has been so, I can't tell you right now, it would be unfair if I were to say to you what my plans were. I haven't really thought them, I haven't discussed them with my wife, so I really can't say."

Alves' official press release went out to the rest of the local media just after telling the Ethan and Lou Show this morning (1/7/21). First, best, winning, me. If the announcement by Alves sounds familiar or sounds like you heard it somewhere before, it's because I suggested it to him in December.

I told Alves he should run and we formed an alliance like Dwight and Jim on the Office.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Congrats and best of luck Roberto, I have a gut feeling the field could get crowded this year.

Roberto Alves Announcement Press Release

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