According to multiple reports including WFSB, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is about to be offered a position with Governor Ned Lamont and the State of CT. It looks like our Mayor will become the next State Tax Commissioner.

The career Republican and friend of the Ethan and Lou Show will go work for Ned Lamont and a Democratic administration.

Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney of New Haven had this to say:

“We applaud Governor Lamont for his appointment of Mayor Boughton as Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services.”

If the legislature approves the appointment, Boughton will leave City Hall in the middle of his tenth term as Mayor and be replaced by the President of the City Council Joe Cavo according to the City Charter.

Why didn't I know, why did I have to read about it in the paper? Its a good question, I should have known. I did know he wasn't going to run again but did not see an early departure from his tenth mayoral term.

Just like you, I have a lot of questions for the Mayor and I promise to do all I can, to get him to answer these questions today. Under normal circumstances, I'd text him, he'd say yes and be on the Ethan and Lou Show this morning with tons of answers.

I don't know if that will be the case this morning as he prepares for his "State Of the City" address. He has a real dramatic streak so he may want to officially make his announcement in that speech.

Which is kind of like shouting "ATTENTION EVERYONE! I have exciting news" and when everyone is paying attention you tell them you are going on vacation but they can't go.

I feel like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer

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