A friend of mine from work popped into the studio the other day to chat about something she'd seen on the way to work. She knows I am originally from New York and thought maybe I could shed some light on this situation but it turns out I'm as clueless as anyone.

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These are real pictures she took of a Shell in Bedford off 684, exit 4 on the corner of 172 and 22 which is S. Bedford Rd and Old Post Rd. This gas station was (on 6/11/24), and maybe still is charging $6 for a gallon of gas.

My friend was in a bit of an emergency situation so she got a gallon and left.

Jolanna Miller
Jolanna Miller

Now, as soon as my article is published someone will be outraged with me for pointing this out but I don't care. Can this be OK? Is there any earthly reason that one gas station is charging nearly double what everyone else is?

Jolanna M
Jolanna M

I looked up the comparable prices in that area and this is what I found. There were only two gas stations listed, the one in question with the $6 gas and a Mobil located at 193 Pound Ridge Road charging $4.09 a gallon according to GasBuddy.

Just a short ride away in Brewster you have prices like this:

Gulf - 1565 Route 22 - $3.33
Valero - 1675 Route 22 - $3.36
Citgo - 1481 Route 22 - $3.35
Mobil - 1569 Route 22 - $3.37

So, I just want to get this straight, if you happen to be one of two options in a given town, you can just bang people over the head?

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