A new Facebook warning is making the rounds. What does it all mean?

The fact-checking website, snopes.com. has been giving the heads-up to Facebook users that this scam is about the phenomenon of FB "pirates" engaging in the cloning of Facebook accounts.

The scammers objective is to use the accounts from normal FB users and duplicate those accounts with identical photos, profile pictures, and names, and then send out friend requests using the cloned account.

Once those friend requests are accepted, those friends have no idea they are possibly being used to generate malware, setting up phishing schemes, or possible identity theft. If you've been targeted, this is the beginning of the message you received on your instant FB messenger:

Hi, I actually got another friend request from you yesterday...which I ignored so may want to check your account.

My advice would be to source the last paragraph in the article on snopes.com. where they list the steps to follow to find out if you've been targeted.

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