Here's the super cool thing that's happening right now as I write this — it is a dark and dreary day.

::cue spooky music::

I love this kind of stuff all year long, but as long as Halloween is on the way, let's look at 10 haunted places in Connecticut:

Here's a break down of a lot of these spots as they're explained through both my own experiences and

  1. Union Cemetery - Easton - Sightings of the infamous "White Lady" and lots of other creepy stuff has been documented here. Click here to see what happened when we were there.
  2. Stepney Cemetery - Monroe - Famous Ghosthuster Ed Warren is laid to rest here. There have also been sightings of the "White Lady" of Union Cemetery here. The story is that she travels between the two cemeteries in search of her infant son who died in childbirth.
  3. Dudleytown - Cornwall - Probably the most famoust haunted place in Connecticut. The story goes that the area is cursed. At first, everything was fine when the town was first settled, and then a lot of strange things happened. People started going crazy, there were suicides and just about anyone left who didn't run away from the town met an untimely and horrible death. Trespassers will be arrested by Connecticut State Police with fines beginning at $75.
  4. Curtistown House Restaurant & Inn - Woodbury. This place has always been an Inn and has a lot of history. Lucius Foot, who owned the Inn from 1852-1857 is said to have won a lot of money in a card game at the Inn. On his way home, he took a short cut through the church cemetery. He was found frozen to death in the church's work barn but the money he won was not on him. Other thingOrbs, a clear recorded EVP, the sound of voices and walking in room 5, former deceased owners are known to "help" staff including one helpful ghost in room 16.
  5. Hearthstone Castle - Danbury. We visited the castle, click here to see what happened when we were there.
  6. Fairfield Hills State Hospital - Newtown. Ugh! Lots of creepiness here. Horrible practices were common here from when it opened its doors in 1931. Labotomies, electric shock therapy, psychosugery, suicides and mysterious deaths ultimately shut this mental hospital down in 1995. The buildings are abandoned, however, there are public walking trails and also on site is the Newtown Youth Academy which houses an indoor field, basketball court and workout center, The Newtown Municipal Center and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
  7. Sterling Opera House - 116 Elizabeth Street, Derby. The building has been abandoned for decades and is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy named Andy. There are toys strewn about the opera house for Andy to play with.
  8. Gunntown Cemetery - Naugatuck. Reports of music playing, children playing, a black dog who vanishes, a disappearing boy, even a man who is carrying a lantern and walking beside a horse.
  9. Great Hill Cemetery - Seymour. We visited this cemetery and when we found the tree they speak of, we knew it immediately.
  10. Lindley Street - Bridgeport. Gerard and Laura Goodin adopted their daughter, Marcia, in 1968. A few years later, weird stuff started happening, and lots of people saw it. Furniture moved on its own, the cat started talking, you know, weird stuff.

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