There is an art to bartending.

You've seen the Hollywood version of bartending, men and women spinning and tossing bottles of precious booze through the air, flames lighting up the dim spaces. Have you actually tasted the end results? It takes an expert that knows the fine details and ingredients to truly knock your socks off with a liquid concoction.

There has been a well-deserved buzz about Waterbury's Highland Brass Co. since it opened at 728 Highland Avenue in the Town Plot section. The restaurants that line this street are among the finest in the state, and Highland Brass Co stands shoulder to shoulder in quality and service.

Highland Brass Co. has recently started inviting local food trucks to set up in front of the bar, which I think is brilliant. I noticed an interesting upcoming event on HBC's Facebook page this morning.

On Monday May 22, HBC will be hosting Round 4 of a statewide bartending competition dubbed Civil War. This all leads up to a championship event later this year. This particular competition is being sponsored by a Peruvian liquor called Macchu Pisco. There will also be a Peruvian food truck on site called Ayahuasca serving fresh Peruvian food. For all of you health-conscious eaters, quinoa is one of the main staple bases of Peruvian cuisine.

It sounds like it's going to be a fun event! Another diverse cool idea being held in my hometown. Keep it up Highland Brass Co. Thank you for being innovators.

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