You'd never think that this is something that could happen to you.

You are so psyched because you just purchased that Himalayan Salt Lamp on, and because you're an Amazon Prime member, it will show up on your front porch in just a couple of days, or will it? Sold by 'Light You' Sold by 'Light You'

There are evil people in this world who will wait in the bushes for that UPS or FedEx guy to drop your package off on your front porch and then strike like a Viper, scooping up that Himalayan Salt Lamp and then quickly disappear.

Common sense dictates, especially if you live in a sleazy kind of neighborhood, there are safeguards you can put into play so your merchandise doesn't disappear after it's delivered. Thanks to an article in the Danbury Daily Voice, the Norwalk Police Department offer up some strategic tips so you don't end up getting ripped off.

  1. Have your package sent to a secure location where you're certain that no shady characters will be casing the joint.
  2. No signature - No delivery....
  3. Ask the UPS guy to leave your package in the hatchback of your Nissan Versa....
  4. Spend a fortune to install video surveillance....

As I write this blog, I'm waiting on a box of fresh food from Blue Apron, which should have been delivered before I arrived home from the radio station around noon. The irony sucks!

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