The two-year Danbury road project at the intersection of North Street, Padanaram Road and Interstate 84 can pretty much be summed up like this:

  • Sewer line moved to accommodate a retaining wall? CHECK
  • Turn lanes added? CHECK
  • Travel-through lanes added? CHECK
  • Lane closures and major traffic jams? Double CHECK
  • Tempers set to "high"? CHECK

New traffic signals will be operating this week, reports, so guess what Danbury? Stick a fork in this project, because the only thing left to do is for the paving crew to put a final layer of asphalt down next spring along with the next phase of this project.

So, take those orange barrels away and bring that road rage down a notch. Your ride just got a whole lot easier.

What are crews planning for the spring, you ask? Keep going north on Route 37 and you will notice a "Y" intersection at Stacey Road. Well, that "Y" will be turned into a "T", a traffic light will also be put in place. Plus, there will be more reconstruction at the intersections of Pembroke and Barnum.

All this, along with that extra paving layer, will start in 2018.

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