Would you call this cool or just another way to draw attention to yourself by wearing a Sound Reactive LED Mask to a concert?

What is this thing? It's a mask that transcribes any kind of music and any sort of rhythm into amazing illuminations. The masks are easy to wear, plus they're foldable and adjustable.

Can you imagine walking into the Ridgefield Playhouse for The Machine Performs Pink Floyd wearing one of these masks? You would freak fellow concertgoers out when you cranked up your mask during, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond!"

You can choose from 8 different mask designs depending on your mood. You might be in a Lion Mask sort of mood for one concert, and follow it up with the Creepy Guy With the Big Snout mask at your next concert.

May I suggest the Dr. Rorschach Mask for The Machine concert. Each mask sells for between $28 and $35. Just a word of advice, you could be an obnoxious distraction should you attempt to wear any of the Sound Reactive LED Masks to any kind of country concert.

If you're a raver, and like to attend parties with large numbers of young people that involves drug use and loud obnoxious electronic music, I've got just the thing for you —the Rave Masks!

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