It's impossible to dislike Stew Leonard's. Maybe the crowds sometimes or the prices, but I feel like you just can't dislike the actual place. When I lived in Norwalk when I was young, we were at Stew's weekly and it was one of my favorite places.

We're lucky here in Danbury to have a Stew's right in our home. Not many people get to experience what we get to experience, and I am thankful for that. Whether you need to pick up lunch or go and get ice cream on a hot day, Stew's is always the answer.

Well, they are bringing the Stew Leonard's store to Clifton, New Jersey and according to CT Post, they have officially announced their opening date - May 17. According to the Stew Leonard's website, a new 56,000 square foot food and wine store will be going in the Styertowne Shopping Center in New Jersey. It will also bring almost 500 new jobs to Clifton. Also, it is said that The Leonard family already buys products from dozens of local New Jersey vendors so it seems like a great fit.

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I find this news important. I think that Stew Leonard's needs to branch out everywhere so that people can see what they are missing out on. There is also another New Jersey location in Paramus, NJ. Aside from that, they only other stores outside of Connecticut are Yonkers, Farmingdale and East Meadow, NY.

I'm happy to see that they are able to spread the love. That also means that on your next weekend trip to Jersey, you'll have the option to stop at the best grocery store in the world.

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