The State of Connecticut has long been focused on protecting the rights of it's working moms, addressing parental leave policies, and offering financial and emotional support well before the rest of the US, and a recent study states that Connecticut is among the best for working moms.

If you want to live in Connecticut, you will probably need a two-income household. For working moms, it's a tough choice - Trust the care of your children to someone else? To the tune of $500 a week+? Get a job to pay for that? Stay home? You might be in the right place ma'am, according to a recent study, Connecticut is among the best States in all of the US for working moms. has just released their list of Best & Worst States for Working Moms for 2024, and Connecticut was named as the 4th Best. WalletHub arrived at their findings by comparing the 50 states and Washington DC across three key dimensions - Child Care, Professional Opportunities, and Work-Life Balance. Then these metrics were filtered down with 17 metrics, leading to a 100 point scale. Connecticut's overall score for 2024 was 60.99, and it's highest scoring dimension was #3 in child care. The three that beat us overall were #3 - District of Columbia, #2 - Rhode island, and #1 - Massachusetts. The worst US State for working moms in 2024? Alabama.

When she wasn't raising us, my mom had jobs. She was an RN, worked for the City of Waterbury, and in the insurance industry in Hartford for a few years. The idea of a mom staying home to raise the kids was antiquated in the 1900's, now in 2024? It's almost an impossibility for the average household in Connecticut.

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