CT Governor Ned Lamont campaigned on a truck-only toll plan. When he was elected, he revised his plan, proposing to toll all vehicles. When the the Democrat-controlled legislature said they would not back him on that, he went back to a truck-only toll plan.

Now, the anti-toll groups led by "No Tolls CT" say they will continue to apply pressure on the Governor. Anti-toll Protesters, again gathered outside the State Capitol on Thursday (January 2) to state their case. According to the CT Post, No Tolls CT co-founder Patrick Sasser had this to say:

We want to make sure that he’s aware we aren’t going away on this issue.

Sasser added:

With a push of a button they can then begin tolling all the cars on the road.


It seems the Governor thinks we are all stupid. We all know he's working to get the truck tolls to eventually flip a switch and get what he wants down the road. This man thinks he knows what is best for everyone and no matter how loud public sentiment against his plan gets, he keeps pushing forward. Ned Lamont is a huge problem for this state and I've said it once, twice, three times a lady.

I've said it a lot more than three times but I'm not going to sit here linking back to all of my warnings about Ned "The Head" Lamont. I need to go rest and build up my energy to blast his next bad idea which could be ten minutes from now.

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