Charles Lamont Wolcott is the son of the first cousin of CT Governor Ned Lamont. Charles is a 35 year old, amateur rapper from the State of Massachusetts. Charles Lamont Wolcott was just hired by the Governor to be his "bodyman" to the tune of $52,000 a year.

According to CTInsider, Max Reiss, a spokesman for the Governor, had this to say about the appointment:

He was a trusted confidant of the governor’s during the campaign and he remains a trusted confidant of the governor, Charles, based on his role in the campaign, exhibited that to the governor, which is what makes him uniquely suited for this role.

The Governor's aide also said this hire was not required to be reviewed by the Office of State Ethics. You are probably wondering what Charles Lamont Wolcott's rap name is? He goes by "MC One Con" and a bunch of his rap videos were recently deleted from Youtube. "One Con" is a fitting name because this is one big fat Con Job on the tax payers of CT.

Maybe Ned "The Head" and his cousin can do a mix tape. This hire is already on Lamont's greatest hits album. As we sit here today, hiring your 35 year old rapper cousin to be a "bodyman" is track 1 side 1. This guy could not suck anymore than he does.

This is the MOST Connecticut story I've ever heard. If I had not woken up to this news and read it myself I would have thought it was the scene from a bad movie about a corrupt politician but here we are living it.

P.S. - The article say a "bodyman" attends events with the Governor. Not bad work if you can get it.

P.S. 2 - I can't find any of "MC One Con's" rap videos but I am putting a bounty out for one. If you can find me one, I owe you a big ass favor. 

UPDATE: Steve Bowers Got me video of MC One Con

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