Yesterday, we learned that NY State Senator Peter Harckham (above right) is proposing to toll CT drivers crossing into NY in retaliation to CT Gov. Ned Lamont's (above left) plan to toll NY drivers crossing into CT. It's a "Toll War" and here is what the Ethan and Lou listeners had to say about it.

But wait that's not all, we also got a ton of feedback from our FB fans on the matter:

James K.:

Lou Milano yo skid plate, it'll never happen they can't stop spending. This guy is Malloy 2.0, he will finish off sinking Connecticut. BTW did anybody notice that even Malloy moved out of state?

Chris F.:

Stupidity should be painful!

Jay C.:

Wow, who could have predicted something like this might happen? I mean besides everybody.

Mike M.:

It's amazing between 2 States with a toll war I live in Connecticut and work in New York and who pays the price the people

Lauren K.:

As a New Yorker who commutes to work on a daily basis to Connecticut and is already getting taxed to shit by my own state, this whole thing makes my head want to explode.

Rita R.:

So glad we snuck out six years ago. They never noticed -- they were busy raising taxes. Of course, they notice now... now that exorbitant tax dollars aren't being sucked out of our paychecks every week.

Richard D.:

How great for the average taxpayer.

Lester M.:

Vote for tolls, lose at the polls.
Ann M.:
Don’t take Lamont out on the people of Connecticut...we don’t like him either!
God knows who voted for him but they suck too!
 Noreen B.:
Enough already with the tolls CT & NY your citizens are taxed enough!
Bonnie C.:
Our leaders are children. We should start all over again.
Jerry D.:
You guys want a toll war at our expense. Typical politicians. Everybody wants of us.
Who wins the "Toll War?" Not us.

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