CT Governor Ned Lamont was interviewed in his office on Monday (December 9) regarding his first full year in office.

When one of the questions came up that asked him about how his toll plan has impacted his popularity, he said, according to the CT Post:

I can’t care about that s***. If I do, then I’m just going to pull my punches, right? Let’s just not do transportation? I would have had a great year, a great year. But I wouldn’t have solved a big problem that’s confronting us.

As I sit here and read that along with you, I have to respect the comment and the man sticking to what he believes in. I can't hate on the guy for having a plan, trying to see it through and not caring what anyone thinks about it.

The problem is, the plan is flawed, and has been since the beginning. He and his supporters act as if tolling the state is the only way to address the transportation infrastructure. Even more maddening, they act as if opposing their plan means you don't believe the infrastructure is flawed. To them, it means you don't think there is a problem to fix.

The state's transportation infrastructure is dangerously bad, but there are other ways to address it. This guy is an unmitigated disaster and we are stuck with him. "I can't care about that s--t?" You should care that no one likes you -- it means you are doing a piss poor job.

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