I love fresh pasta, there's nothing like fresh Gnocci, Pastina, Linguini or Cavatellis. I've attempted to make pasta a few times through the years, and honestly, I suck at it. It's an art, it is not simple, you don't just combine egg and flour and voila! There are a few brave pasta artisans out there who have that confidence in their work, that strike out on their own against Barilla, Mueller, and Ronzoni, and open their own pasta shop. I'm here today to point you in their direction, because I've seen what this pandemic has done to the pasta aisles in our supermarkets. Pasta is cheap, and therefore, valuable.

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So, I took the time to gather some of Connecticut's favorite fresh pasta peddlers, one of my personal favorite places, The Grotto in Waterbury, unfortunately continues to be temporarily closed from the pandemic. I can still find their fresh pasta in LaBonne's and other local area markets thankfully, and I hope they re-open soon. In the meantime, here are a few places around Connecticut that I suggest you might want to check out. Where are some of your favorite places to buy fresh pasta?

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