I cannot confirm or deny that this took place in Danbury, but that's what it says on Tik-Tok. The video is labeled "Only in Danbury."

I like to party, so I'm not here to judge. I report, you decide. These folks in the fast food biz work their tails off, ya know? Every once in awhile I like to kick back after a long day with an ice cold beverage and say, "well done, sir."

There may have even been times around the holidays when some gift bottles of vino snuck their way into my belly during a live broadcast filled with holiday cheer and the giving spirit -- who's to say?

The video seems more like a Florida thing than a Danbury, CT thing. I mean, if you told me folks were shotgunning 18 beers a night at a drive-thru in the Sunshine State, I wouldn't even blink. That's a state with drive up liquor stores. You drive up and they give you liquor in exchange for cash. It's par for the course in the lawless swamp to the south. Maybe someone from Danbury visited Florida and took this video. That sounds more likely.

P.S. Bonus points for the execution. My man here didn't spill a drop, and that's the kind of laser focus you need at the window when you are dealing with "Karens" screaming "chicken nuggets" in your ear while arguing with their kids.

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