If you missed Mayor Mark's "Live at 5" on Monday (6/22/20) you can see it here in it's entirety. Ethan & Lou were finally guests on his show.

It's a funny thing going from host to guest and frankly I don't like the loss of control which is why I had questions ready for Mark. I almost completely took control until he realized I was grilling him with questions.

I took some heat for my answers at the end about musical preference but in hindsight, I'd answer the same way today as I did when I was put on the spot. If you don't like the "Foo Fighters," "John Mayer" and "A Tribe Called Quest" you can get out of my face. Those answers are as good as they get.

I want to send a special shout-out and thank you to Taylor who works for Mayor Mark and for the amazing work she does making his "show" "Live at 5" happen. Without her attention and focus last night could not have been possible. I am actually speaking in a very literal sense, Ethan, Mark and I could not figure out how to get the show started so awesome work Taylor.

Be sure to check out Mayor Mark's Show "Live at 5" on Mondays or whenever it airs. He has some heavy hitters on that show. From Ned "The Head" Lamont to other people like him to our amazing city employees and Police officials the show has something for everyone.

Also you can catch Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton on the Ethan & Lou Show every Tuesdsay & Thursday keeping you abreast of the goings on in and around Danbury, CT.

P.S. I've been told with that with so many streaming shows popping up around the country people are rating the backgrounds. I think we won the year, we were at Ethan's house and they have no less than six Menorah candle holders in the display case behind Ethan's head, we made Mindala proud.

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