Rob Manfred is the commissioner of Major League Baseball but is he also the founder of the rock band Manfred Man's Earth band? To get to the bottom of this we must start by looking at the two men separately and examine the "truths" about these "two" men that the internet would like you to believe.

Manfred Mann:

  • Born Manfred Sepse Lubowitz in October 1940 in Johannesburg South Africa
  • Deeply opposed to apartheid, Manfred moves to the UK in 1961.
  • In 1961 he also begins writing for a publication called "The Jazz News" under the pseudonym Manfred Manne. Not long after he removes the "e" and shortens his name to Manfred Mann.
  • He forms a band called the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers.
  • In 1964 the band changes it's name to Manfred Mann, they disband and he forms a new band in 1971 called Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
  • After the early 1970's you don't hear a lot about Manfred Mann or his Earth Band. He and some version of the band have shown up at music festivals around the world and continue to produce albums but they drift further and further into the background.

Rob Manfred:

  • Born in April 26, 1958 in Rome, NY.
  • Rob attends LeMoyne College from 1976 to 1978 when he transfers to Cornell University. Ever heard of it? He gets his degree from Cornell and a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School.
  • After Law School he clerks for the United States District Court of Massachusetts
  • Rob begins working on labor relations for Major League Baseball in 1987 and starts his rise in the league.
  • In 2014 Rob Manfred is chosen by Major League owners to succeed Bud Selig as the commissioner of baseball.

My Case:

in 1976 the writing is on the wall and Manfred Mann knows that he and is Earth Band are done writing main stream hit records. He's 36 at the time, moves to the U.S. subtracts 18 years from his age, changes his name to Rob Manfred and enrolls at LeMoyne College. Manfred Mann and Rob Manfred are the same man.

You might be saying who could get away with an 18 year age reduction? A rock star is who, they age so much better than we give them credit for, they are slim because they live off of jelly beans and vodka. All a rock star needs to do, to look 18 years younger is shave, shower, buy a suit and kick the sweets/booze.

The rest works itself out, Rob Manfred (Manfred) can attend school, graduate, rise through the ranks at MLB and put out albums at the same time. The fact is between 1976 and the present the band has only put out a total of 9 albums, the bulk of which were recorded in the time period "Rob Manfred" was either in college or a post grad.

These are the nine albums that came out between 76' and the present. All of them were released while Rob Manfred (Manfred) is either in college or prior to him making any real pro impact in MLB.

Who likes to make music? College kids and young adults, that's who. You must also consider that Manfred had no problem changing his name twice during the early years from Manfred Sepse Lubowitz to Manfred Manne and finally Manfred Mann. He loves changing names and did it with the band several times as well.

Rob Manfred and Manfred Mann are the same person. It's like Sal Bass/Salmon Rushdie all over again but this is no TV show, this is happening.

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