The website is an excellent tool for families who are researching a move to Connecticut.

With this handy website, you're able to find out which towns, cities, and school districts are the most highly ranked in any state or the entire United States. Niche actually employs data scientists to evaluate countless data sets to produce rankings, report cards, and in-depth profiles. It is truly a fascinating website to explore. You're able to plug-in any town or city in Connecticut or any state, and find out how they rank and compare.

Rankings are based on grade profiles, millions of interviews with students, parents, and residents along with rigorous analysis conducted by data scientists. Keep in mind that 10,574 school districts were ranked throughout the U.S.A and Connecticut had five districts in the Top 150!

  1. Westport - #47
  2. New Canaan - #53
  3. Darien - #117
  4. Weston - #141
  5. Wilton - 149
Staples High in Westport - Google Instant Street View
Staples High in Westport - Google Instant Street View

Here are how other Connecticut area school districts ranked in 'The Best School Districts in America' based on a total of 10,574 districts.

  1. New Milford - #2,299
  2. Brookfield - #1,726
  3. Newtown - #472
  4. New Fairfield - #5,094
  5. Bethel - #1,272
  6. Ridgefield - #709

Westport, New Canaan, Darien, Weston, and Wilton also ranked as the Top 5 School Districts in Connecticut.

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