According to the NY Post, the Yankees and Red Sox are close to a deal that will have them play a two game series in London in 2019. The games would be played at London Stadium, and according to reports, this is something Major League Baseball wants badly.

Despite the NFL's recent dip in ratings, it's still one of the biggest TV draws in America. The NFL has been doing the London thing, and now they do it in Mexico City — It's all about money. When you max out in ratings here in the states, you need to globalize, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

It's all well and good for the NFL, but Major League Baseball is not on that level. This is very much like getting in a foreign war when you're a domestic disaster. Major League Baseball needs to work on growing and keeping fans in the states before trying to spread its product all over the planet Earth.

I'm a baseball fan, a die hard Yankee fan in fact. I also happen to be a 39-year-old man. Major League Baseball already has me, and they know it. They know I'm not going to stop watching baseball. They don't care about me demographically. They need young viewers AKA future dollars.

Here are 4 reasons this two-game London series is a bad idea:

It's NY and Boston - Yeah, if you are trying to attract new fans, you want to put your best foot forward with the best rivalry in all of sports. What about the teams though? The Yanks and Sox games are very important and have huge post season implications. While the field will be level, you still have players flying across the globe to play ball. They are staying in a foreign country, eating different food, etc. You are also going to have guys seeing the sites, and some even partying. The games between these teams are too important for this nonsense.

You should have your product polished before taking it on tour - I don't care about the length of games. I like that baseball games are long and slow. That's not attractive to most viewers nowadays. In an era of over-stimulation and instant gratification, baseball can be a tortuously long and boring game to most people. You have slow working pitchers, guys stepping out of the box to fix their gloves for ten minutes, and WAY too many mound meetings.

Rain - I hear it rains in London. What happens to the schedule if you have a rain out or, dare I say, two of them?

Aaron Judge - His head is ENORMOUS. I mean, it looks like his brains are going to start leaking out his ears at any second. Now you put him on a 7-hour to London? I'm thinking we have some cabin pressure concerns here. I'm betting at hour 6, his head goes off like a grenade.

Grow up, MLB. You are not the NFL. Be Yourself.

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