His name is Stan and he's one of the fiercest killing machines that's ever roamed the earth.

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The Hartford Courant tells the story of Stan, a 37-foot-long Tyrannosaurus rex who weighed in at around 7 tons in his glory days. About 66 million years ago, give or take, Stan's days were pretty much spent on roaming and killing until an asteroid, approximately 6 miles wide, slammed into the earth severely altering the climate and killing all the dinosaurs.

Fast forward to 1987 when paleontologist, Stan Sacrison, came upon Stan's bones in South Dakota in an area known as the Cretaceous Badlands, according to an article in the Hartford Courant.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is being put up for sale and is currently on display at Christie's Auction House at Rockefeller Center in NYC through October 21. The auction has been scheduled for October 6.

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With the Christmas season only about 3 months away, this skeleton would make a great gift for the dinosaur enthusiast in your family. All you need is a room large enough to display a 37-foot-long dinosaur and buckets of cash as in $8 million dollars worth.

The auction house is doing everyone a solid by offering it up for auction with no reserve which means everyone has a chance to bid on the old bone boy. To purchase the bones of Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex from South Dakota you're going to need wads and wads of cash, which means possibly digging into your Hedge fund.

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