For whatever idiotic reasons, Lou and I continue to include chicken talk on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. We love saying the word chicken and we love eating chicken wings. So when chicken news breaks, we're on it.

WTNH tells the story of 11-year-old Luke Read from Shelburne Falls, Mass and his new best friend, a barred rock chicken named Teddy Nugget. Luke's dad adopted the chicken and that's when Luke and Teddy became fast friends.

Photo Taken From YouTube Video by Paul Franz...
Photo Taken From YouTube Video by Paul Franz...

One snowy afternoon, Luke decided it was prime sledding weather and Teddy made it perfectly clear he was tagging along. It turns out his pet chicken loved It and learned how to steer the sleigh himself.

You're probably aware of what happened next. Luke's dad shot a video of Teddy the chicken showing off his sledding moves which he shared with a coworker who posted it to Twitter. The video went viral on Facebook, YouTube, sports blogs and even in Great Britain.

When Luke saw how many thousands of views his chicken sledding video received, he's been brainstorming ideas on how to help homeless chickens. He told WTNH;

I'm kind of hoping to open a chicken rescue, so I can rescue chickens and try to find better homes for them.

Luke is even thinking of starting a GoFundMe page to start up his own rescue. He also hopes that by watching his video people will realize how cool and smart chickens can be.

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