According to the Daily Mail, the MTA announced last week they will change their passenger greetings. You will no longer hear the words "Ladies and Gentlemen." In its place, the MTA is going with more gender-neutral terms so as to not offend. The new greeting will begin with "passengers" or "riders."

There you have it. There are no more ladies, there are no more gentlemen. There are no men, there are no women. It's another classic example of over correcting in a politically correct world. If you are behind this move, don't even bother trying to talk to me about it. I'll say "uh-huh" until you go away. I do not care what decisions you all make as a group, going forward. Do what you want, human beings of Earth, just leave me out of it.

Doing what I do for a living, I've been stung by the language police, and I'm sure I will again. In my private life, however, I will never be on board with, take part in, or get in line with the new "P.C." It's political for sure, correct, it's not. The fact that anyone wasted time considering whether the greeting needed to be changed shows how whacked our priorities are.

If you could be offended by the words "ladies and gentlemen", you are not tall enough to ride this ride. It means you have never encountered real difficulties in life and somewhere along the line, you are in for a rude awakening.

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