Go ahead and say something to me about my beloved New York Yankees getting embarrassed by the Boston Red Sox last night at Fenway Park. If you do that, you are going on my list. Let's call it, "Lou's list of people who done him dirty." Say one word about it, and you go into my database.

I've been writing names on the list all morning, as Mets and Red Sox fans riding their current wave of success have been breaking my stones. It's fine, make all the jokes you want, because the Yankees were a joke last night. Severino could not throw a breaking ball to save his life, all the bats, except for Judge, went to sleep, and Tommy Kahnle came in to eat innings, only to eat home runs instead. They were, and are, an embarrassment at the moment. There are way too many people that need to get their act together in the Bronx to mention.

All that said, the list is being made, Mets and Sox fans. It's being made because I want to remember you all by name in October so you can get it back, and you will. Meaningful baseball in April means little to nothing if you are not playing meaningful baseball in August, September and October. I have a feeling about how the story will end, and it's nothing like how it has started.

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