It's not breaking news, but it was cold out this weekend. Just downright freezing.

Most of us spent our weekend indoors, binge watching our favorite TV shows and cooking foods that would likely keep us warm throughout the big freeze. Some of us, however, braved the cold and headed outside.

I was not one of those people.

My cousins, though, decided it was the perfect weather to go shopping at Woodbury Commons. Where you have to walk OUTSIDE to go from store to store. I thought it was absolutely bonkers, but I can never judge another woman for getting her shopping on.

While they were out, they sent me a live shot of one of the fountains at the Commons. Let's just say it gives the fountain at Bryant Park in New York City a run for its money. It looks like a scene out of Disney's "Frozen."

Woodbury Fountain

It also looks downright offensive, but I digress.

Thanks, Bomb Cyclone. Hopefully, the "warm" weather this week will help out this fella in the fountain.

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