A Seattle woman bought a crochet set at a thrift store on Sunday (2/21/21) only to find two pounds of cocaine inside, according to Fox News. The woman said she immediately called police who then took the drugs. There is no word on how the cocaine made it's way to the thrift store, but it was wrapped in a rubber bag with "100%" marked on it.

Here's some fun additional information; the woman said the substance inside the kit had an "odd odor". Also, she purchased the crochet set to make animal hats? I think my head is going to explode.

Does this cocaine smell funny? Animal hats! What's the world coming to!?

Here are some things a person could crochet after 24 hours with 2 pounds of cocaine:

  • An aircraft carrier
  • A fake police officer to call about the cocaine
  • A not so imaginary friend to tell all of your terrible cocaine ideas to
  • The space/time continuum
  • The movie set of "Transformers: Age of Ultron"
  • A continent
  • Dreams

Slap on your animal hats kids, we've got some crocheting to do. I hope everyone brought their Band-Aids.

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Here are some things I'd prefer to do rather than crocheting animal hats: 

  • Read the "Terms/Agreements" page of Facebook
  • Watch Tyler Perry movies
  • Help a friend move
  • Stand in line behind someone buying Lotto tickets
  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Go out for coffee
  • Go for a hike

You get the idea, I don't like these things and I'm pretty sure I would not like crocheting, but this thrift store sounds like it's worth a look.

A lot of stores will use the words "and more" in their commercial advertising. I tell people all the time that this means the exact opposite. They don't sell, "shirts, pants, shoes and more." If they did, they'd likely mention what the "more" is.

This thrift store may be the exception to the rule, "we have shirts, we have pants, we have shoes, we have cocaine! I mean more, we have more."

P.S. I just found a crochet set on Amazon for $12.90 and there was not a mule pack of coke inside, this is a bad day to tell people to shop local.  

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