A season was taken into custody today, and charged with kidnapping another annual equinox, authorities said.

According to, Autumn, a close friend of Winter, the frosty time of the year had been depressed lately. "Winter was feeling very insecure. I was worried," said Autumn, "I saw Winter every day for three months. Right before this weekends snow, Winter seemed calmer, and let Spring come in as planned. But I knew something was strange. Winter is never calm when Spring arrives. However, flowers started to bloom, trees started to bud, and, then, Spring disappeared without a trace.

Autumn told this reporter that Winter had left a note simply stating, "I'm back!"

Winter was taken into custody late last night. Spring was found, unharmed, but slightly embarrassed. Let's hope this doesn't mean a horrible allergy season.

I think that if these divisions of the year don't know how to act like mature intervals, we should go straight to June 21st. The only problem is, we all know how carefree, lazy and immature Summer can be.

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