Now here's something you just don't hear about often. Wild life as part of a kidnapping and extortion plan.

We have heard for years now about the scam phone calls and emails that involve a family member being in some sort of desperate distress and needing money. It's become so commonplace, that I think most people now ignore them. Thankfully, this Connecticut family didn't.

This very crazy report comes from about a young man, a kidnap plot, and, of all things, an alligator. As would be expected in scam calls, the woman from Connecticut gets a message from her nephew saying he's been kidnapped and needs money. However, according to the story, this was no scam. 

Police say the woman contacted them and she had gotten more than one call from her nephew, one of which had him stating if she didn't send the money, his kidnapper would burn him. Officers were able to run a trace of the call. Detectives also instructed the aunt to demand that the kidnapper text her a photograph of her nephew. Here's where it turns even scarier.

The photo showed the victim lying face-down in a bathtub, a 3-foot alligator on top of him, its open mouth facing the camera. After police from Shelton and Bridgeport converged on the hotel, they arrested Isaias Garcia and captured the alligator.

Police said the kidnap victim had two burn marks, one on his face and the other on his right forearm. The report says Garcia has pleaded not guilty to the charges of first-degree kidnapping, attempted first-degree larceny by extortion, unlawful restraint, third-degree assault and threatening. His case has been continued to June 4th.

Thankfully the young man's family believed his story and he's okay after his harrowing ordeal.

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