The widow and family of an incredibly brave Connecticut Air Force Sergeant who was fatally wounded on a rescue mission in Afghanistan back in 2002 accepted the nation's highest military honor in his name, as it was presented by President Trump at the White House.

According to ABC News and The Hill, tech Sergeant John Chapman, from Windsor Locks charged toward enemy lines of fire as the mission he was on faltered, at which time he ended up laying down his life to save others. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.

Sergeant Chapman, as well as other service members made their way into deep snow when bullets were flying. They were attempting to save troops left behind as a helicopter was downed in the mountains of Afghanistan. President Trump said:

Even though he was mortally wounded, he regained consciousness and he fought on…And he really fought. We have proof of that fight. …Through his extraordinary sacrifice, John helped save more than 20 American service members.

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