During yesterday's game between the Raiders and Broncos there was a huge brawl.

By NFL fight standards, it was not bad. That's not saying much, though, because NFL fights are usually pretty lame in general. I mean, after all, everyone is wearing helmets and pads.

The fight was a sequel. It was the second on-field fight between Michael Crabtree of the Raiders and Aqib Talib of the Broncos. These two hate each other. I must be fair here —  even though I am a Raiders fan, I can admit they are both annoying and at fault.

Why is it, though, that it's "not acceptable" for NFL players to fight?

It's arguably the most violent sport in America. Why should cooler heads prevail? Why is it OK for NHL players to fight and NFL players are considered out of line when they do?

I was watching one of the NFL "talking head" shows recently, and these two players were talked about as if they had disrespected themselves, their teams, etc. One of the "talking head" people was someone I know to be a hockey fan, who has talked enthusiastically about good NHL fights. Other than the fact that there happens to be a tradition of NHL fights, I don't see a reason why an athlete in one sport is shamed and another is talked about positively.

I'm not saying the NFL should encourage or allow fighting without penalty, I'm just saying get off your high horse. These guys are jawing and hitting each other all afternoon, someone is bound to lose their temper here and there.

I'd like to see them throw without any pads.

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