In the wake of the many, many, many Harvey Weinstein sex assault allegations, Hollywood is under fire. Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey and Ben Affeck have all been accused of terrible sex things. Who, if you had to put money on it, will be next?

These are the times I wish I knew something about betting. I kind of understand odds. Like 3-1 odds. I bet one dollar and can make 3 if I guess right — right? I think that is a thing. I understand over/under. Like when all is said and done, Weisntein will have been accused of sex crimes by over/under 15 people.

Without getting bogged down in the structure of gambling, I want you to guess who you think will be next. Everyone wants to go for the long shot and get it right but that scares me. I am a safe money guy. If I go to the casino, I'll bet $20 bucks on the slots and call it a night.

Being that I am a conservative gambler, I'll play safe money. I'm going to bet the next person accused of a terrible crime in Hollywood will have some self-control issues. Maybe they are a person who does not think before they speak, has a track record of problems with women, authority, and the press.

My bet is a guy whose name rhymes with "Kel Tibson."

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