According to a new study Only Fans has more than 1.7 million content creators, more than 400 million users and more than 1.3 million daily active users. A different data dump from Tech Report says Only Fans has paid out over $5 billion to it's influencers since it's inception.

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Many people are looking to get a piece of that cash pie and Connecticut seems extra eager for a seat at the table. According to, these are the Top 10 States for content creators on the Only Fans Platform. Connecticut is on the list, see where we landed.

Connecticut Makes Top 10 List in the Only Fans Landscape

Content creation has become America's modern gold rush, with pioneers raking in substantial sums across all platforms, including OnlyFans. A recent study from Sexual Alpha reveals that OnlyFans boasts over 400 million users, with 1.7 million creators, and 98% of its content falling under the adult category. Here are the top states with the highest number of influencers on OnlyFans. 

SPOILER - Connecticut is on the list

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Sexual Alpha adds:

"The OnlyFans website hypes how people use the platform to hawk cooking classes . . . fitness routines . . . their comedy acts . . . their musical chops . . . and self-help coaching. But let's be honest, if you subscribe to an OnlyFans, you're expecting NAUGHTINESS. And the data backs that up. A whopping 98% of all content on OnlyFans is adult content." 
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Whether you're talking about Only Fans or any other social platform, there is money to be made but it is not easy.  A new report from Converkit says:

"According to ConvertKit’s State of the Economy Report, which was released on May 1, 55% of full-time creators start making money in the first year, however, only 42% of creators are able to turn their business into a full-time job within the first five years. 

The report also shows that 54% of creators currently make less than $10,000 a year, underscoring how challenging it is to ditch a full-time job to become a creator. This is particularly important to understand as 53% of creators also reported experiencing burnout last year. "

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